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Navjeevan physiotherapy Clinic

Dr. Jitson James
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What is Physiotherapy ?

Physiotherapy is a clinical health science and profession that aims to rehabilitate and improve People with movement disorders by using evidences based, natural methods such as exercise, Motivation and adaptive equipments.

Who is a Physiotherapist ?

A physiotherapist is a health professional trained to assess and treat a variety of conditions that effect the physical function of adult and children. Physiotherapist are often referred to as movement specialists. Physiotherapists who are trained particularly to work with children and adolescents. Physiotherapists study medical science subjects such as anatomy, neuro science and physiology to develop skill and attitudes necessary for health education and prevention diagnosis treatement and Rehabilitation of patients with physical disorders and disabilities.

Physiotherapist will treat many types of conditions such as

• Neurological-stroke,multiple scleeosis,parkinson's.
• Neuromusculoskeletal-back pain,whiplash associated disorders,sports injuries,arthritis.
• Cadriovascular-chronic herat disease,rehabilitation after heart disease.
• Respiratory-asthma,chronic obstructive pulmonary disease,cystic fibrosis.
• Work related repetitive strain injury.
• Posoperative Stiffness and pain
• Post operative rehab(T.K.R.,A.C.L,P.C.L,T.H.R,T.S.R etc.)

Physio's use a variety of tools to help you regain movement and recover from injury.

Hot packs may be used to treat pain and loosen tight muscles in preparation for exercise. Cold packs also help to relieve pain Modalities like TENS,E-stim,Ultrasound,S.W.D.,Wax bath,Auto Electrical Traction,I.F.T. treatments help to relieve pain. Exercise program to improve mobility and strengthen muscles Joint manipulation and mobilization Correcting faulty movement patterns by re-educating the muscles Breathing exercises.

Once diagnosis is over physio will work with the patient to decide how to treat the condition.
This include:
*.Manual therapy.
*.Music therapy.
*.Cryo therapy.
*.Group therapy.
*.Hydro therapy
*.Electro therapy
*.Excercise therapy


• Pain relief
• Better muscle flexibility
• Restoration of muscle strength
• Increase range of motion and suppleness
• More endurance when it comes to sport
• Great sence of well being
• Improve posture and gait

Physiotherapist may also work in.

•Women's health.
•Elderly care
•Stroke rehabilitation
•Mental health and disability services.
•Occupational health

Navjeevan physiotherapy Clinic Ahmednagar

Dr.Jitson James
(B. P. Th., D.P.T., G.N.M.)
Welcome to Navjeevan physiotherapy Clinic .

Navjeevan physiotherapy Clinic established in 2004 by Dr.Jitson James .

Dr.Jitson James Having Experience More Than 17 years as a physiotherapist . Following Facilities are Available

Navjeevan physiotherapy Clinic provides the best home physiotherapy services in ahmednagar.

Navjeevan physiotherapy Clinic Ahmednagar

Our Specializations

  • paralysis treatment ,
  • sports injuries ,
  • cerebral palsy,
  • Frozen Shoulder,
  • Sports Physiotherapy,
  • Neurological Rehabilitation,
  • Joint Pain Rehabilitation,
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation.
  • Neck and Back Problems
  • Tennis/Golfers Elbow
  • Sports Injuries
  • Post Surgery Rehabilitation (T.K.R. / A.C.L., P.C.L. Joint Stiffness etc)
We also arrange
  • Dietition
  • Speech therapist
  • Disability aids
  • Total rehab facilities
  • Home visit for bedridden patients
  • Train the patient, how to use mobility aids
  • Working on exercise with patients.

Navjeevan physiotherapy Clinic Ahmednagar

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