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Nilay Trade Center

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Nilay Trade Center
Trade Center in Ahmednagar
Mr.Nandkumar Berad (Proprietor)

Opp.Hemal Bhavan Market Yard,
Ahmadnagar - 414 001,
Maharashtra, India


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Nilay Trade Center,Ahmednagar

Nilay Trade Center - Ahmednagar , was established by Shri Nandkumar Berad in 1986.In its aspiration of creating a "home for all by our Motto our Construction with Relation..."

Nilay Trade Center is supplier of Superior building materials add high strength to the structure of the building. We are the prominent Building Material Supplier in Ahmednagar materials like
* Fly ash bricks 4 inch by 6 inch
* 6 inch Block
* Cover Block
*Inter lock Bricks

Nilay Trade Center is Delear of

* A.C.C.Cements
* M.Y.K Schomburg construction chemicals
* Fosroc Construction chemicals
* LA Green Construction chemicals
* water tech system-bathroom fittings
* wash lee fisher fastener-fixing system


* M.Y.K Schomburg construction chemicals Pvt.Ltd.India

Other Services

* concrete viator for beam and slabbing
* Water Proofing
* Crane Machine (29 meter)
* Murum Dhummas Machine
* Electrical Breaker
* Net Fixing (Jali Marne) * Doing Stich (Tache Marne) * Doing Ribring and many more. The construction materials offered by Nilay Trade Center are sourced from reputed manufacturers having years of experience in the domain. These manufacturers use high grade raw materials to develop the Building Materials

At Nilay Trade Center Builder and Associate , the most cherished thing is its customer's trust, which we have earned with our commitment to quality and innovation. We believe in using our imagination to create homes with a distinct character and soul. Click here To Know more....

Nilay Trade Center,Ahmednagar

Fly ash bricks

The Fly Ash Bricks are promoted as an alternative to burnt clay bricks with in the construction sector in India .

Fly-Ash Bricks are an environment friendly cost saving building product. These bricks are three times stronger than conventional bricks with consistent strength. These bricks are ideally suited for internal, external, load bearing and non-load bearing walls. These Bricks with higher strength/weight ratio (about 3 to 4 times that of burnt clay bricks) aid in designing stronger, yet more economic structures.

Fly Ash Bricks are Durable, have Low water absorption, Less consumption of mortar, Economical & eco-friendly, Low energy consumption and No emission of green house gases. These bricks are not affected by environmental conditions and remain static thus ensuring longer life of the building. Also, the savings with regard to wastages in fly ash bricks are considerable during unloading and construction due to true shape and size, consistency in quality, and the workability of the fly ash bricks unlike traditional clay bricks. These bricks are very economical / cost effective, nil wastage while transporting and handling.

Nilay Trade Center,Ahmednagar

Industrial Flooring

Tough, robust products are the need in the industries where the floors are subjected to a lot of abuse in terms of abrasion, spillages etc

.construction material suppliers in Ahmednagar
MYK Schomburg offers some state of the art products as well as some proprietary products & systems in cementitious, epoxy and polyurethane.

We also offers first of its kind primers for oily floors as well as vapour barriers which can reduce mver to nearly 95% and can be applied on even fresh concrete.


Flooring as opposed to other structural members, have generally been a much-neglected area in most commercial constructions. While all parameters are considered during designing, flooring takes a back seat. Poor performance of floorings is very normal as they are frequent and so are the reasons for these occurrences.

construction material suppliers in Ahmednagar
No advice and guidance sought while specification in design and installation is made thereof. Wide spread ignorance about the availability of materials to be selected for specific floor requirements are prevalent. Industrial floors are subjected to various environments.

The loss on account of bad flooring is not confined to damage to the structure but reflects on the process plant and the expensive machinery installed on such industrial floors.

The technology, wide experience and resources built up over the years by us, have been channeled to produce a range of flooring systems to meet demanding needs of today. These products are now being offered in India after ensuring its suitability to tropical conditions.

Nilay Trade Center,Ahmednagar

Water Proofing

construction material suppliers in Ahmednagar
MYK Schomburgs unique and cutting edge technology waterproofing systems which address all the aspects of waterproofing right from the basement to the terrace of a building, swimming pools, water bodies, complex industrial buildings etc. construction material suppliers in Ahmednagar
Products based on cementitious as well as bituminous, addresses the complete needs of waterproofing in civil construction. All products have a proven track record in India as well as international markets.

Nilay Trade Center,Ahmednagar

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