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Sandeep Borewells
Mr.Tukaram Taware  (Proprietor)

Mr.Sudhir Taware
Ujjjwal Complex,
Opp.Old S.T.Stand,
Ahmadnagar - 414 001,
Maharashtra, India
Mr.Tukaram Taware:  9422220554
Mr.Sudhir Taware: 9422220555
Mr.Sanjay Taware:  9422220551
Mr.Sandeep Taware: 9527281111

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Sandeep Borewells,Ahmednagar

Director Profile

Mr.Tukaram Taware(Proprietor) 40 years Experience in Borewells Field

Mr.Sudhir Taware Qualification DAE,DBM,MMS(MARKETING)

Sandeep Borewells - Ahmednagar was established by Mr.Tukaram Taware(Proprietor)in 1988

Sandeep Borewells Specially bore wells as their prime operations led by Mr.Sudhir Taware. The early years witnessed his skillful management. The operations expanded in Maharashtra and soon covered a major area of Ahmednagar district as well as sarrounding

Sandeep Borewells has 33 years experience of Borewells work in Goverment,Zill parishad PWD,Munciple contaract aswell as Private Work

We are an establised organisation in the field of Borewells Drilling since 33 years. We have our client base distributed across Ahmednagar District area. Ground water has emerged as major resource of water especially in remote areas where irigation schemes and water supply schemes are scarce and some areas where the electric grid is yet to spread. Construction industry is very much dependent on the Ground water as its starting phase requirement.Urgency and perfection are the prime factors required in this 'primary need based industry'.We at Sandeep Borewells exactly cater to this aspect of the need through the State of the art technology based machinery with high end tooling to support pricision and flawless work. The support network is essential part of this system where we have designed the procedural aspects on a micro level analisys. Our asset in this design being our experienced fleet mantored by expertise from the industry.  

Sandeep Borewells,Ahmednagar

Our Specializations

  • * Drilling: Diameter 4.5 inch to 6.5 inch
  • * Earthing Hole Drilling
  • * Construction Pile Hole up to 18 inch Dia.

Sandeep Borewells,Ahmednagar


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