Kalamkar's Physiotherapy center.

Consulting Physiotherapist in Ahmednagar
Kalamkar's Physiotherapy center
Adarsh Chambers,Basement No.3,
Subjail Chowk,
Ahmednagar 414001

Dear Sir / Madam,

First of all I wish you very best wishes for years to come.

I feel pleasure to introduce myself for health professional relationship for the benefit of patients. I am Ex-Indian Air Force person; served 20 years in Air Force Medical Services as a physiotherapist from 1982 to 2002. During my stay in Air Force, I worked with different specialties and in various departments. It helped me to get exposure at every corner of medical field. From 2002; I opened my own modern physiotherapy clinic to render better services.

Physiotherapy means - Treatment by physical ailments like cold and hot water; heat by infra red rays, deep heat by electro-magnetic waves (SWD); heat by wax bath to joints of limbs, ultrasound massage pain management by altered electrical stimulation (IFT/TNS), exercises to particular joint by machine, manipulation or freely to keep body physically fit per & post-operatively.

Aim of physiotherapy is to rehabilitate a patient at a maximum point so that he can be a independent member of society. Ones body must obey his wills job. He must be able to move freely and painlessly, restoration of fullest functional activity possible.

I will say that every person let it be healthy or unhealthy, physiotherapy is required to avoid structural and functional disorders. This is the supportive treatment with other specialties like surgical, medical, orthopedic, neurological, Gyn. and Obs. Pediatrics, E.N.T. etc. to enable the fastest recovery of patients illness.

Balanced diet, regular exercise and controlled body-weight makes everyday life ease. with

Kalamkar's Physiotherapy center.

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Kalamkar's Physiotherapy center. ahmednagar

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Neck Exercise

Back Exercise

Treatments Offered:

  1. * Spondylosis
  2. * Post Operative Exercises
  3. * Paralysis
  4. * All Neuro Muscular & Musculo Skeletal Disorder
  5. * Obesity
  6. * Stress Management
  7. * Joint Replacement Exercise
  8. * After Stroke (CVA)
  9. * Neck Pain
  10. * Back Pain
  11. * Frozen Shoulder
  12. * Knee Pain
  13. * Ankle Sprain
  14. * Post Fracture Stiffness
  15. * Sports Injuries
  16. * Antenatal Care
  17. * Postnatal Care
  18. * Cerebral Palsy
  19. * Eegonomic Advice




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