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ahmednagar Shani-shinganapur

Amongst the places of deep belief and faith in India, falls Shani-shinganapur– the place of god shani dev. The devotees and followers of god shani dev are spread all over the world and hence the place has attained importance. A small village in Ahmedanagar district near nawasa known Shani-shinganapur,has acquired a lot of fame & followers for god shani dev.

Location of Shani-shinganapur

Shani-shinganapur is located approximately 246 Kilometers from Mumbai (Bombay) City in India. The nearest railway station is Kopargaon 15 kilometers on Manmad-Daund section of Central Railways.
Shani-shinganapur situated at distance 35km from ahmednagar city

The village is famed for its temple dedicated to Shani - the planet Saturn. More remarkable however is that there are no locks on any of the doors in the village be it residential or commercial, including the bank. Local legends claim that the village is 'protected' and no thief can cross its borders without dying. Sceptics please note that the village has remained theft - free in recorded history


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